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We all recognise that people’s stories bring experiences to life and help to highlight the type of support that people have found helpful or unhelpful. The aim of INFORM is to capture people’s stories of using primary care services (e.g. your local GP) for a mental health condition. We are also keen to involve carers. The stories that are captured will be used to develop a training pack for health professionals working in primary care.

Can I take Part?

You may have a valuable story to add to the project.  We would like to hear about your experiences – both good and bad.

What support is available?

We will be able to support you to tell your story in your own words. You can meet one-to-one with an involvement worker to record your story, which can be kept completely anonymous.

How could my story be used in the project?

With your permission, your story can be included in the staff training pack to educate and raise awareness about what it feels like to seek help from your GP for a mental health condition and the type of support that you have found helpful or unhelpful. The training pack will contain both digital stories and written stories.

Who do I contact for further information?

Please contact Rachel Wyatt or Helen Rees, Mental Health Service User Involvement Project, Interlink, Telephone 01443 846200.


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