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Early Intervention Service

Early intervention services provide treatment and support in the community to people with psychosis. The aim is to reduce the period of untreated psychosis which in turn is likely to lessen future problems and improve the person’s long term health and well being.


Early Warning Signs

Before a relapse happens we often experience changes in the ways in which the usual symptoms of our illness, or changes in the way we behave, think or feel. These changes are what we call warning signs. The early warning signs of mental illness differ from person to person, but could include depression, anxiety, and irritability, disturbed patterns of sleep or eating. The earlier we can identify warning signs, the better chance we have of stopping a relapse or reducing the severity of a relapse.


Eating Disorders

People who have an eating disorder find their life becomes centered on food. Anorexia, bulimia and compulsive eating are all examples of eating disorders.


Emergency Duty team

Out of hour’s service, provided by community care for people experiencing a mental health crisis.

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