TV Shows

Title: The Apprentice


Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Leighton

Review: The Apprentice is based on a 12 weeks job interview with the successful candidate given the job of Sir Alan Sugar’s Apprentice with a six figure salary.

The programme runs by the candidates being split into two teams and then Sir Alan briefs them on the new task. Then each team appoints a project manager and this is the person is responsible for leading the task.

Each task stretches the teams business and creative skills surronding generating a profit. Then the team who generates the most profit wins and the loosing team goes back into the board room. Sir Alan is always kept up to date with what happened on the task through his advisers Margaret Mountford and Nick Hewer who stay with each team. The task leader then chooses two people to bring back with them to the board room. Then Sir Alan decides which one of these will be fired!


Title: American Chopper


Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Jason

Review: American Chopper hence the name is about building custom motorbikes. The bikes are built in the orange county workshop 80 miles north of New York. Paul Teutul senior and his sons – Mikey (Comedian) and Paul Jnr, (The chief designer and fabricator). The motorbikes they create are amazing one off designs. They are road legal and they sometimes make bikes for celebrities including Russell Crowe and Will Smith. Also for big co – operative companies such as HP Computers and Gillette.

The bills PC Jim Carver narrates American Chopper and the show is a fly on the wall documentary about the ups and downs of working to deadlines. It is often funny to watch the crew joking around. The show is well made and recommended seeing!


Title: Coal House


Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Leighton

Review: Coal House is a programme that is broadcast across wales via BBC Wales. It is based around three families being sent back to live life as it was in a mining community during 1944. The Griffith’s family from Ammanford, the Paisey family from Cardiff and the Tranter Davies family from Merthyr Tydfil were selected from hundreds of applicants, to gain an insight into how people lived during the War. They were also joined by Bevin Boys who were conscripts sent to dig for coal for the War effort – and evacuees from Wales and England. The families had to cope with living on rations, the fear of air raids, black-outs and ‘Digging for Victory’ whilst living in a tiny 1940s miner’s cottage in the Welsh hills of Blaenavon. The men and boys over the Age of 14 had to cope with the reality of walks over the mountains to work all day as a coal miner at the Blaentillery No.2 Mine – the last working mine of its kind in the UK. They also had to cope with the demands of the mine owner, Mr Blandford.

Meanwhile the women will had to run the home under 1944 conditions, as well as undertaking war work, whilst having to feed their families on the limited rations. This programme is a great learning curve for new generations and demonstrates what it was like to live during the war. It will also bring back many memories for older generation who worked, fought and lived during this time. This is a programme that is well worth watching.


Title: Chris Moyles Quiz Night


Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Daniel

Review: The T.V. Quiz Show where Chris Moyles battles with celebrity contestants. The audience watching could win up to £1000. This show is great fun with Chris thinking he could win every time but he doesn’t. It’s on every Friday night at 10:00 P.M. on Channel 4 and is well worth a watching.


Title: Eggheads


Rating: 7/10

Reviewed by: Leighton

Review: The quiz show is on BBC2 Weekdays at 6pm is hosted by Dermot Murnaghan. The show works by having two teams of 5. One is the Eggheads team made up of the best quizzers Chris, Dafney, Kevin, CJ and Judith. They then take on a challengers team made up of 5 quizzers. The challengers team take individually take on an egghead one on one through 4 rounds of questions surrounding various categories of three multiple choice answers. Whoever wins each round stays on their team for the final round. Then in the final round they answer General Knowledge questions to see who wins. Should the challengers win, they receive £1,000 plus a further £1,000 for each day the Eggheads had previously gone undefeated. The Eggheads are so knowledgeable that they tend to show off with extra information when they give an answer. The host says in each episode Congratulations Eggheads, Can anyone beat you? and on the rare occasion they do get beaten he says Congratulations Eggheads, who will beat you?” This is great programme and is a fun way of learning.

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