Gig: ArcTangentFestival


Venue: Near Cheddar Gorge, West Country

Date: August 2013

Reviewed by: Ben Franks

Review: Some awesome tangents around and about at this festival. I was lucky enough to secure a backstage pass from the members of alternative Cardiff band, Future of the Left. This meant I could confuse my friends who were left standing in the crowd.

Didn’t see many bands really but had a great time wandering around playing my flugel and guitar. The shishah open mike tent was my highlight where anyone could get up to play along with the fantastic crew who ran the tent.

Curry at 8am was always on the cards with my camping stove, along with spicy quorn efforts in milk. What a great festival with the tents literally right next to the stages.

Overall, a lot a of class bands played and class people went to see them thus helping to keep music alive, the soul of all of us.


Gig: Rory Simmons ‘Monocled Man’


Venue: Dempsey’s, Cardiff

Date: April 15th 2014

Reviewed by: Ben Franks

Review: These three fellas were on top form when they graced the die hard jazz aficionados of Dempseys in Cardiff. Their songs dedicated to such like bankers, the monetary system and the establishment.

Jon Scott on the drums created sublime illusions of techno beats congressed with George’s bombs of ballistow. His original style complimented that of his fellow musicians in such a way that we were blown away in time and space.

Chris Montague came up with some fantastic off the wall random freakiness with funky use of effects such as delay and octavia.
The trumpeter of the night Rory embraced us throughout the set yet standing back in parts allowing space for the others to shine, not putting a tigers foot wrong in the pursuit of the speeding gazelle that is the ever changing world of modern jazz.

All in all a worthy night but also quite difficult to listen to in parts and proper heavy and rhythmic. Very much a musicians band, not for the casual listener of Mumford and Sons.

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