Afro Cuban Rhythms


Afro Cuban rhythms inside my head
Far out music not full of dread
Judges, who I am to say, what is right for me

Pills alter my consciousness, friends make me feel better
Music was my soul, when will it be again
Krappy bike has gone, Old trusty foldaway back on scene and
Green goblin tears around once more


Benjamin Franks


Giving up fags


O fags do I love you so
Why do I smoke so
Rather learn to play Eva Cassidy
But I’d rather smoke all day
Life revolves around smoking
Smoking’s bad m’kay
So why do I smoke all day
Giving up is hard
Yet it should be so easy
So much more time to read, make music, write
Gonna give up this time I swear (?)
Although my mind is telling me to go to the shop
Stoppit mind stupid thing
Horrible things fags


Benjamin Franks


Grow Your Own (Flowers)


In my mind garden I plant and grow ideas ((flowers))
to exercise and harness my subconscious powers.
what ever you visualise in your mind you can achieve,
you need only have the faith and belief that you can succeed.
move confidently toward your goals and dreams,
like water flows in rivers and streams.
always moving forward flowing,
in harmony with life you are constantly growing.
stronger and stronger each and every day,
meeting all challenges on your way.
in a state of constant learning is what it means to live,
learning all about life that living is relationship.
relationship with nature, animals and all it’s people,
to live in harmony in a state of freedom,
being a loving giving human being hopeful,
not adding to the conflict in the world peaceful,
if we only wake up and use our potential.


By Ichi-finga © Ichi-finga, All rights reserved


Smile and Flow


heart space brings peace to mind
action that springs from love is kind
a open heart a open mind
to bring a lightness a joy to life
so if your feeling sad and low
relax breathe let negativity go
don’t take this life so serious no
wear a smile go with the flow

by Ichi-finga on October 3. © Ichi-finga, All rights reserved


Learning To Fly


Once was a man
Who believed
He could fly
“I can you know”
“I do not lie!”
He made a runway
Out of sand
So he would have
Soft place to land
Came the day
For his first flight
“Will he do it?”
“I don’t think so!”
“I don’t know”
“Hey he might”
He ran the runway
At top speed
Soaring to great heights
Would be his deed
No doubt in mind
He would succeed
Finally took off
At once was free.


by Ichi-finga on October 3. © Ichi-finga, All rights reserved




full up with your opinions,
in your mind,
you being a slave to them,
has made you blind,
you think you know it all,
ha ha..think you are so right,
that forcing your opinions
on others, is your entitlement
a birth right,

you look to be offended,
you go out looking for a fight,
your superficiality is blinding,
so lacking in, any real insight,
how the hell can we communicate?
when you always think your right!
full up with your opinions
don’t be so uptight.


by Ichi-finga on October 17. © Ichi-finga, All rights reserved

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