Sam's Story

I had a road accident as a child which led to a brain injury leaving me with learning and behaviour problems. Growing up was difficult. I was passed from school to school and lived in school which added to the problems.

As I was coming into my teens I was really lonely and had no friends. I was labelled as a spoilt child. Then I went back to college as at 19 years of age. I started having severe mood swings. The tutor helped, they got a CPN and psychiatrist involved and from then on I was told I was told I had Bipolar type 2.

I have good days and bad days. I had a relapse 2 years ago where I ended up in hospital. I came out of hospital with no support, no aftercare and no change of drug treatment.

That was in May. I fought against this up until December last year and finally my drug treatment changed. From January this year my life has changed. I got to go to courses, trips out self help group and lately I have a little job.

It does show that to have the right help you have got to fight for yourself and no one can do that for you. I am not saying that it is easy, I have had to fight the fight for years and years. Where there is life THERE IS HOPE. 

I feel terrible now and I don’t want to wake up in the morning. I have anxiety in my chest and I can’t stop it. I’m on a short course Diazepam, but my tummy is like a thousand butterflies flying round. I’m weepy all the time, since last Christmas I’ve really gone down hill.

I told my dr. and I said I want to see a psychiatrist. I have an appointment in January for one of the courses. I spoke to my councillor and he gave me an appointment. I need someone now. He gave me the number for the crisis team.

I have previously attended four courses but they were not helpful. I have this appointment in January to do more courses at Llwynapia hospital.

I have attended New Horizons once before and I made cards which was nice.

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