Ken's Story

The Early 50s saw the records of David Hughes  Be a Beggar  and Teddy Johnson  Domino Singing them and many others in the local “ British Legion Club” Where I Won many  Go as you please singing Competitions . Then with Football Marriage and Mental Health Problems putting a stop to regular singing. I never started to sing again seriously until 1964.

When I joined Group of Club singers there I met my good friend Dave Richards.  Dave sang under the Name Dave Kaye on bookings bills, in the club. Where we performed he arranged all the bookings from an agent.  Getting a telegram for us to go and support.  Top class pro artists.  The bay view Port Talbot on Sunday mornings was always full of visitors.  There we supported Buster Noble a top class Comedian from Australia we talked about his daughter Patsy Anne, about her Career.  Another Good booking was in Porth Workman’s Club on Easter Sunday. There we joined up with Ward Brothers Albert, and Les who are Legends I met.  I have to stress I never sang on there shows my good friend Ray Luker who was secretary of Grand Theatre Aberaman because of my clubbing experience. Asked me sit in the wings and look after the microphones on the stage.

That was in 1961 I Spent a day Helping out back stage and chatting with a young lad while he said his name was Gerry Dorsey.  He wrote on   full scrap sheet the songs he would sing later. I passed it to another who would be performing his name was Gordon Mills.  That was the fist time they met.  A very prosperous meeting of manager and singer and I still have the full scrap paper.  Yet another meeting with a Legend was at the same theatre about a year later I refer to Marty Wild I can Pin Point the Date because he was waiting for the Birth of his Daughter Kim.

About 1964 Dave Kaye and I was asked to do a charity show It was a great request being on the show with the legend welsh comedian Bryn Phillips of TV Comedians then on to 1968 a family holiday to Butlins  I went to the Theatre to see the auditions for singing about a dozen entrees I thought I would have a go I had not sung for a few years but I got through to the Final which was a few nights later I sang If I Loved You from Carousel and won the Butlin Cup .

Lastly I have kept what Dave Kaye and I consider the most exciting Telegram we received in our brief time together.   We where booked to appear with Nat Conella at the Ocean Club out side Cardiff.  His famous Orchestra Georgians were depleted by the war but back now with a 6 piece Georgia Dance band was the man once considered the best Trumpeters in the World and he thanked us on the dance floor not bad for a mornings work.

Now Later in Life I found very relaxing to sing along with a few top singers at home in my living room.  I select suitable Ballard’s from singer’s discs and taped them just picking up the lyrics as we went along together.  It is said that you can’t do two things at the same time so it helps to cut back any worries.  That in its self is helpful so just try it.  I now  have a full tape singing with top stars but no audience I give thanks to New Horizons for allowing me to write about my past its just a new Oasis.

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