How A Film Helps Me

The Lion King – Can you feel the Love tonight?

I have watched the film since I was two years old. When I am angry and get down I listen to this song on my laptop.

My favourite part of the song is when Simba’s girlfriend sings “He’s holding back he’s hiding, but what I can’t deny. Why won’t he be the king I see he is, the king I see tonight.” It is my favourite part because it relates to all the things in the past that have happened to my family.

It makes me feel happy watching them rolling down the hill and drinking by the waterfall. When Simba says about “putting the past behind me” that is something I struggle with.


The Lion King 2, Simba’s Pride

The Song – We are more than we are one.

Simba’s daughter Kiara does not want to be the next queen. He is trying to explain that it is in her blood to be the next queen. Scar’s son Corfu does not have royal blood but ends up falling in love with Kiara.

I can relate to this because I don’t see my father because he is half blooded to me. The family tree on his side is all over the place. My father’s family doesn’t know me except for his brother and sister. So I am trying to find my place.

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