Mental Health Forum

Mental Health Forum

We have an open door policy where everyone is welcomed.

We will try and cover all mental health experiences from anxiety and panic attacks, depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, self harm and schizophrenia. These are topics we hope you will join in and add to. We also welcome discussion and debate of mental health issues and policy.

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Mental Health Discussion Forum


Disclaimer/Rules & Regulations

  • You are all responsible for your own actions within the forum, please be sensitive to others opinions and viewpoints.
  • No bad language or abusive behaviour will be tolerated, all posts will be moderated, and edited or even deleted without prior consent.
  • Absolutely no mentioning of names unless permission is given.
  • If any rules are disobeyed you are risking a permanent exclusion and ban from the forum.
  • Finally, you must enjoy yourself!

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