Credit Crunch

The credit crunch is a stressful time for everybody we all know someone who has been affected. This could be your family or friends.  If a person has lost their job and still has a mortgage to pay this can cause a lot of worry. We are all individuals and we cope with difficult situations in different ways.


Don’t bottle up feelings

If you are going through a hard time don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Sometimes in a situation where a person would normally cope well, they may need extra support because a cluster of problems are all coming at once. So the best thing is to try not to bottle up your feelings.


Working together

Also in a relationship the stress of losing your job can have a devastating effect and cause arguments. To resolve this you should sit down together and have some quiet time to plan how you are going to get through this period.  Think about how you could earn any extra income?


Reduce spending

You can cut down on costs by cutting by using some of these methods shown below: –

  • Cut down on luxury’s items instead by buy cheaper brands. For example some supermarket brands offer very good products for reasonable prices.
  • Search out any bargains by visiting different stores and checking prices.
  • Use your car less which will save you money on petrol.
  • Try not to waste food or throw anything out that has a value.  As in this county we do tend to throw alot of money away in waste.
  • Try to do things that do not require spending money.  For example going for a walk or going to the local park with the children.


When to seek help

The main effect the credit crunch has on people is stress.  This affects the cardiovascular system and the Immune system making you more prone to Illness, Depression and Fatigue. The most important thing if you are not coping and things are spiraling out of control is not to be afraid or embarrassed to seek help. Have a chat with your G. P or other health care professionals as they will give you the necessary help.


Useful Websites & Contacts

Job Centre Provides help and advice on jobs and training for people who can work and financial help for those who cannot. Job information – Tel: 0845 606023 Benefits – Tel: 0800 0556688

Citizen’s Advice Bureau The Citizens Advice service helps people resolve their legal, money and other problems by providing free information and advice. Tel: 0870 126 4028

National Debt Line Helpline offering information and advice on debt. They also provide self help information packs and a range of fact Tel: 0808 8084000

Speak easy (free debt advice) The Speakeasy offers free legal advice in the areas of debt and welfare benefits by solicitors and caseworkers. This service is available to anyone living in the local community and beyond. Tel: (029) 2045 3111 Speakeasy Advice Centre – Porth Christian Centre, Pontypridd Road, Porth, CF39 9PF  

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